bonobo – i’ve got vinyl!


For those of you knowing about my music related activities, this might be a surprising news.

For those of you wondering what I am talking about: Well, vinyl is something I actually don’t appreciate that much. It’s heavy to carry if you are a dj, it’s susceptible for scratches and dust. So I actually would always choose cd or mp3 over vinyl. Yeah, I know, I am one of those…

But then, we went to our familiar record store and there was no cd of this album left. So I got my first vinyl in this … century. Well, that sounds pretty cool. And weird.

After all, it was really nice to hold. Plus, there is this almost new turn table we have, that is more cleaned than used since I bought it a few years ago.

Hmm, what else to say…

Okay, I am gonna say the words any vinyl lover reading this is waiting for out loud: I came to the conclusion, that the sound of a real record is better than anything else. You’re right. Mouth zipped.

As for the Bonobo album itself: It is good. Really good. Very nice and chilly. Summer music. You should get it. Just sayin’…

PS: You can also listen to it online. But the sound on vinyl… Well, you know. ;-)

PS: There was a download code included to the vinyl pack. Hah! I like that! :-)

PPS: More music reviews are here to find, more summer mood tunes there.


4 thoughts on “bonobo – i’ve got vinyl!

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    1. That is awesome! Thank you so much, I appreciate that a lot! I guess, I am blushing… ;-) And all of the recommendations – I need to check them out very soon, they sound really interesting since I am always looking for something new inspiring! :-)

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