on neighborhood walks #4 – the lions area


Well, if you’re still not getting that creepy lion out off your head, maybe these pictures will help to explain why he is so protective. This beautiful neighborhood Waldstraßenviertel is only a few minutes walking distance from the big shopping area called city centre, but it is very green though.


Yeap, I took this walk about almost two month ago. ;-)


But you should keep that view and the next one in mind or come for a visit really quick, ’cause this won’t last forever.


Unfortunately, the city wants to open the canal, that is underneath this grass for shipping. Even if there is no money for that plan and another plan – our metro – is still not finished. Since many years.


So where there was green grass, from the next year on you will first see building sites like these, and later on stones. And steel. And water of course.


This is a place I never get tired of looking at. It is so beautiful.


And if you are wondering, if this is a rich area – no, it’s not. There are hidden treasures as well. Mysterious houses with colorful windows.


And then there are these. I cannot say which one I like more.


Isn’t this a nice shadow of a tree?


And here we go again with an old building. I think, it is really, really cool.


And to complete the mix of houses in the lion’s neighborhood, another refurbished buildings.

PS: This is the same neighborhood. ;-)


4 thoughts on “on neighborhood walks #4 – the lions area

  1. And would the canal bring new housing units such as condos to the area? A sad destruction of heritage is taking place all around the world and it’s a world where apparently greed always trumps common sense. :)

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