noodle casserole


Well, you may think, I do nothing but eating out lately. It’s not like that. Maybe a bit. But I also have been invited to a lot of parties, and I have been eaten some of this and that.

But yesterday I felt like cooking something I actually never made before. It was noodle casserole out of noodles, spinach, tomatoes, salmon, creme cheese, onions and mozzarella. Salt, pepper, garlic, a bit butter, some vegetable stock and olive oil to taste.

It was very delicious, but I cannot recommend it for hot days like it was yesterday (not only the cheese was melting). Although it was very fresh and light, I guess I am going back to cold soups for any temperature around 30° C and more. ;-)

PS: Here is another casserole recipe.


2 thoughts on “noodle casserole

    1. Thank you. But you can eat this casserole (’cause it has almost no fat in it) also cold or almost cold. Without the cheese on top you may almost have a noodle salad then. ;-)

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