where have i been? #14


There are some parts of the city, I still don’t know at all. Like this spot I am standing on to get this picture.

It is such a nice place I have seen so many times out of the car while driving by or around. I guess I wanted to go up there since more than ten years. So this year I set it on my bucket list. And now: check. ;-)

So, LE folks, my question is again: Where have I been surrounded by nature to get this contrasting view of LEipzig?

PS: Another questions are here, another answers there.


5 thoughts on “where have i been? #14

  1. Das lässt sich bei den Platten natürlich nur schwer sagen, aber in bin heute so in Aus-dem-Fenster-lehn-Laune. Also: Wenn ich davon ausgehe, an welchem See du neulich warst, guckst du da auf Grünau und bist also aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach in der Nähe von Miltitz.

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