paul bokowski – a funny quote


Some days ago I told and showed you that I’ve bought some books. Now you’re probably wondering, if they’re worth reading or if they’re gonna get dusty in my book shelf.

Let’s start with Paul Bokowski’s “Hauptsache nichts mit Menschen” (Mainly nothing to do with people). I bought it just because of its title, ’cause it reminded me of many situations when I heard people say, asking what they wanna do with their lives, “Mainly something to do with people.”

So this book is a collection of short stories. I am not through with it, but my favorite one so far is the one called “Auszüge aus dem Evangelium nach Facebook” (Excerpts from the Bible using Facebook):

“Jesus, Johannes und 11 andere werden an der Veranstaltung Das letzte Abendmahl teilnehmen. (Jesus, Johannes and 11 others are going to join The Last Supper.)
Judas ist jetzt befreundet mit Die Hohepriester. (Judas and The High Priests are friends now.)
Jesus hat eine Nachricht an Petrus’ Pinnwand gepostet: Noch bevor der Hahn zweimal kräht, wirst du mich dreimal verleugnet haben. (Jesus has left a message on Petrus’ wall: Even before the cock crows twice, you will have denied me three times.)
Judas gefällt das. (Judas likes that.)
Jesus hat Das Brot auf seiner Pinnwand geteilt. (Jesus has shared The Bread on his wall.)
Simon und 11 anderen gefällt das. (Simon and 11 others like that.)”

Do you know this book, have you read it?

PS: Here are some other book recommendations so far. More to come soon. ;-)


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