discovering the wild, wild west


And here comes a pretty long post to answer my question from last Monday. But since it was that nice that day and the landscape and my discoveries have been so really very beautiful, I didn’t want to withhold from you all the nice pictures I took. ;-)

Even if that is posted in my section walking, I didn’t walk there. I took the tram until its final destination. But then I walked. It was Sunday during lunch time, hot, but silent and really enjoyable.


To get out of a neighborhood, we had to follow these concrete slabs, that reminded me a lot of childhood summer vacations on the Baltic sea. Or suburbs. It was a typical way to build streets in late GDR times.


My dear and I had to chop through high grass and pass a sweet corn field. Even if it was really nice, it also was kind of creepy sometimes, ’cause I heard a lot of rustling and crackling. Sometimes I thought I mention something scurry by.

And then I needed to climb up a little dune. And wow, the view I’ve got was really amazing (even though I had weak knees because of my fear of heights).


It looks so small in the picture, but it was huge in real. The water of this open-cast mining spot was really turquoise, a nice contrast to the light brown sand.

We didn’t go down there, ’cause it was really precipitous. But we walked around.


The whole area was full of sand and seemed to me like some kind of a moonscape. No people around, no animal to see. Just me and my man, the hot sun and a light breeze of fresh summer air.


Right next to this there was a real lake. A former mining spot as well, but with a lot of plants in it today. Some kind of seaweed. Or something like that. I also saw some mallard ducks and a few people swimming.


But since I wasn’t there for a rest in cold water, I walked by without any refreshment, ’cause I really wanted to get to the spot I was looking at for many years.


Having this view means I was almost there. Half way up. ;-)


And … I did it! :-) I was up on the little hill called Schönauer Berg. Geocaching people say, it is the 2nd highest rising in LEipzig. 


And the view over LE was really amazing. It was so clear, you could see any building far south, east or north.


But I got more impressed by all the wild plants and this really loud sound of thousands of crickets.


I enjoyed sitting in really high grass and having a picnic…


…while my man took these nice pictures of grasses…


…and flowers.


Since living in the middle of a big city where almost any plant is planted by humans and not grown on it’s own, I’m always getting very excited about what nature can create.


So it is also needless to say, that I prefer wild grass over an English lawn. ;-)


Leaving the hill, we spotted another pond…


…with some beautiful water lilies.

This walk took almost two hours and I can highly recommend it. I never thought finding such a huge area of wilderness and silence (no people, no dog walkers, no cyclists at all) only 15 minutes by tram away from the city. I am still surprised. Maybe it is because the wild, wild west (and the neighborhoods Schönau and Grünau within) has no good reputation. That’s a pitty, ’cause the nature is worth a visit.

PS: Most of the times I go for a walk to get away from all that comes with that. And what is also there in the west, is here.


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