discovering the hip, hip west


Somewhere between this neighborhood and the wild, wild west you will find the hip, hip west – the answer to my latest question post. On one day this summer I took a walk there to check out some beautiful things and of course tasty food.


I crossed the canal…


…and noticed some lovely ruins…


…with the most beautiful balconies…


…or in this case wonderful front yards.


I stopped at Felsenkeller for a minute to remember my teenage years when I went there dancing…


…and had a delicious lunch with rice in tomato-zucchini-sauce and sweet milk rice…


…at the rice bar. Another place to recommend for lovely prepared and tasty snacks for little money (located on Karl-Heine-Straße 49).


After that, a walk was needed further west, passing Westwerk


…after stopping at my favorite record store in town, Schall und Rausch (now in Plagwitz!), to get this one.


I continued walking…


…and enjoyed a look on the variety of housings in this area…


…that unfortunately won’t last forever, ’cause being hip means also being interesting for investment.


So I was completing the walk with another look on the beautiful nature LEipzig has.

Well, it was a hot summer day, so I wasn’t able to check out all the new things in this area. Plus, I can only eat a certain amount of food, so one or two more walks to Plagwitz are on my bucket list for this summer. (One of it I already took yesterday, so stay tuned for the next post to come.)

PS: I’ve already been to Plagwitz this summer for food, as you can see here.


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