urban gardening in leipzig – annalinde


I love planting and gardening. I love the idea of growing my own food and I wish I could have a garden for my own. But I actually don’t like this traditional small garden clubs. So when I was on that walk discovering the hip, hip west of LEipzig, I spotted this nice place, too. So today I am answering the question from this Monday and I am inviting you to a very awesome place right at the front door to the western area: the open garden Annalinde.


Right after walking up a few stairs, you are in the middle of cultivation. You will find lots of flowerpots with herbs and a kindly written blackboard that says: You can have one for a little donation.


I chose thyme and basil.


And then I took a walk across this beautiful garden area…


…and really was surprised by this huge amount of fruits and vegetables.


I also tried to name them all by only seeing the leaves…


…what was a bit hard sometimes. ;-)


So do you know what this is?


Or that?


And of course I needed to meet the chicken. I can’t remember the last time I saw such beautiful hens. And they were so nice and friendly. You can even have them for sometime in your own garden, as a flyer says. You need to take care of them and can keep the eggs – what an awesome idea. Unfortunately, my balcony won’t work for that. ;-)


Walking further I discovered more plants and huge pumpkins (not in the pic)…


…and bushes with my favorite berries.


And then, of course, I needed to try those organic farm food. So I had zucchini quiche and mixed veggie salad and some quark creme. Wow, was that delicious. And, like anything else they offer, it was to get for a donation…


…according to the blackboard on this little truck.

So Annalinde is open during Summer on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 3 to 8 pm. You can go there to get the most healthy food. But you can also help gardening, harvesting and building up new things like a chicken coop. They also have a pizza oven now and little events like screening documentaries about urban gardening from all around the world. Great place, great idea.

PS: It is only an about 15 minutes walk away from the city centre. That’s cool, isn’t it? To prove that I was there, I am pictured. Have you seen me? ;-)


6 thoughts on “urban gardening in leipzig – annalinde

      1. your photos are wonderful! thank you for following my posts so that I could come and visit with you in your village. By the way, my lucky number would be topa topa (thanks for the Native Indian explanation).

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