vegan food challenge – 2nd dish: rice filled savoy rolls


Last Sunday I woke up having an idea of my second vegan challenge dish. So I spent the morning in my experimental vegan kitchen…


…cooking rice, mixing it with tomato paste and little pieces of red pepper and carrot, salt and pepper to taste. Then I made little rolls out of this mixture and savoy.


I seared the rolls in olive oil, shallots, thyme and rosemary. A bit later I added mushrooms and vegetable stock.


And this is what I’ve got. ;-)


Since I wanted to taste the difference, I made another round of veggie rolls. I replaced tomato paste with an egg and black olive gouda.


And I made a sauce out of mushrooms, parsley and creme cheese.


The vegan ones turned out more seared and red, ’cause I used the upper leaves, that usually are thinner. And I only used one leave per roll. For the veggie ones I used two leaves, because the inner ones were really small. So with the egg-cheese-filling they turned out more yellow.


I cannot say, which one I liked more. The taste was different, but each one was really delicious. A sauce was really needed, ’cause with the filling it was a bit dry.


I used one savoy, a cup of basmati rice, a half red pepper, a half carrot, a handful mushrooms. And I got 16 rolls out of that. So that was a lunch for four people (or in our case lunch and dinner.) ;-) Even if it was organic food, I would say, I didn’t spend more than 5 Euro. So this is a great deal for two people, two meals out of organic, partly vegan food.


To round it up, Ro made a smoothie out of kiwi, peach and plum (so this is not bad wine). ;-)


Actually, at the end of cooking I got the most excited about the little decoration idea I have had. ;-)

So I think, my cooking-vegan-once-a-week-journey is going well so far.

Besides that, I bought a vegan hotdog (instead of the usual one) here on Monday, ate this soup on Tuesday, made Ro’s pasta a là Corina on Wednesday, had Poutine on Thursday (to celebrate our Canadian friend’s birthday from far away), a mixed veggie salad with goat cheese at home and a vegan steak here on Saturday. Friday was cheating day. I was invited for breakfast and found myself sitting in front of a huge sausage plate. I couldn’t resist having a piece of salami and beef and pork loaf. Later that day I was thinking it doesn’t matter anyway and so I had a currywurst with french fries (eating out).

So I learned last week, that I need to find more vegan places for eating out (and I mean real places, not a barbecue somewhere, I want to have a range of different meals). And I also need to buy some vegan sausages that will help me to cheat on the real ones. ;-)

But, dear vegans among my dear readers, I have a question: What can I use instead of creme cheese or eggs or gouda or tomato paste to keep rice wet and kinda sticky? What do you use? I really need your help, please! :-)

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