right here, right now #10 – i am nominated for the versatile blogger & the liebster award


I’ve been nominated twice already for the Versatile Blogger Award! The first nomination I was given by Laurie from Laurie’s Lovely Living a few weeks ago. The other one I’ve got from Sonya of andmorefood. I love reading their blogs and so I feel very honored and happy about that.


While writing this post, the next nominations came in: Amanda from starfire8me and Shaun from prayingforoneday nominated me for the Liebster Award. 

With these nominations come a few rules I try to follow.

So first I need to tell 7 things about me:

1. Since I really adore elephants, I once applied for an internship at our local Zoo. I was rejected, wonder why. ;-)

2. I once took part in a seminar about witches. The practical part was in a wood and the only strange or bewitched thing was the teacher. Of course. ;-)

3. I love to sing, but I actually can’t hold a ton. So I rather don’t. ;-)

4. There was a little chance to be a swordsman champion today, but I didn’t find the sports hall back then when I was a kid. ;-)

5. I love to play table tennis. So who wants a match?

6. I learned to play guitar, but actually I don’t like it at all.

7. I am, was and always will be an early bird.

And then I need to nominate some blogs I enjoy reading lately:

Fervent Dots Photography

Nummer 4

Julia Fuchs

Die Welt der Algen



Awesome Ashild

I hope you’ve got inspired! :-)

7 thoughts on “right here, right now #10 – i am nominated for the versatile blogger & the liebster award

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  2. Thanks a lot TOPA for the nomination! :-)
    Where are your questions for the nominated bloggers??? If I am right, it is one rule to nominate for the Liebster Award?!
    Have a nice day!!!

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