on neighborhood walks #5 – kolle


Happy Friday! So here comes the answer to my question from Monday. I have been checking out my old neighborhood, the streets where I grew up. It actually looks the same today, which is kind of strange. Except all the green climbing up the houses.

So this neighborhood is called Kolonnadenstraßenviertel (colonade area) or short Kolle.


One place I was interested about right away was this nice café called Café Tunichtgut (scallywag), ’cause besides a traditional German restaurant, two pubs, a pizzeria and Asia bistro a nice place with good homemade food was missing.


I really liked the interior design, that is pretty common in LEipzig right now. All the hip places serving good food like to use old chairs and tables and have minimal decoration. So it’s a very friendly and clear atmosphere with the focus on delicious and good-looking food and a nice and welcoming service.


Speaking of food… It was late afternoon, when we get there, so it had to be cake. As I mentioned before, I had the really very best red currant meringue and Ro had apple pie. A cold beverage for me, a coffee latte for Ro. The cake was still warm, what was really nice. According to the menu, Café Tunichtgut also offers breakfast and lunch using regional, seasonal and if it’s possible ecological food. So I think, that’s a place for me. ;-)


Later on we went for a walk and took a picture of memento, a place where you can rent DVDs and get some coffee, beverages, beer and snacks, too. This place is worth a recommendation as well, ’cause they have tons of movies, I have never ever heard before. And I am a movie junkie. ;-) So go there, if you feel bored.


We walked around the neighborhood and took some more pics of beautiful things…


…wild growing trees…


…houses out of stone and concrete…


…reasonable questions (What’s your ace in the hole?)…


…and interesting announcements. This is actually a really cool one, ’cause it is a gallery combined with an apartment looking for artists.


And then I discovered Libelle, a place to meet libertarian people, to read and to get vegan brunch. Right next to it is Baldauf und Lenk, a fashion label.


Besides all the mentioned pubs and restaurants, there is also a funky hairdresser, a bicycle shop, another gallery and a Russian supermarket.


So the view on the houses is the same, but all the shops have changed since the last time I was there. I also figured out, that lots of alternative people and young families are living there now.


Which is good, ’cause this neighborhood is actually a really nice one and it was sad, that is was literally dead the past 20 years. So now it is revived and I am looking forward to spend some more time there again.

If you want to go there, it’s between city centre and Johanna Park. Five minutes walk in each direction.

PS: I like walking through and checking out neighborhoods and new places to go like you can see here and there. Have fun!

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