where have i been? #18


Last Saturday probably was the last warm summer night (a bit rainy though). So I took my camera and went for a walk to take some pictures of lights.

I love lights. Especially the glittering reflections of sunlight on water. But sometimes artificial lights are also very nice to look at, very electrifying. And LEipzig has a lot of those, especially the city centre at night.

Well, I am not sure to give a little hint or not, since some of you are really smart. ;-) But here we go: On this picture there is a big street on the left, a nice restaurant on the right and water between (looking east). So, fellow bloggers and from time to time readers: Where have I been?

Okay, have a nice week and see you on Friday for the answer to this question. And if you are interested in how I was doing on my vegan challenge last week, stay in touch.

PS: If you want to know, where I have been lately, click here. I answered those questions here and there.


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