vegan food challenge – 3rd dish: zucchini soup


Last week we got a big, actually a really very huge zucchini from a friend. So I was thinking to prepare a soup out of it and label it my 3rd vegan challenge dish.


Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic at the beginning, but this amount of zucchini you can see above was only the half of it.


So I first cut it into pieces and fried it using olive oil and shallots.


Later on I added tomatoes, veggie stock, salt and pepper to taste. And then I mashed the soup. Meanwhile, I prepared the corn.


So this is what we had. Zucchini soup, corn and a grapefruit-kiwi-plum-peach-smoothie. 100 % vegan.


Since corn is the more tasty with salt and butter, I also prepared the veggie version. ;-)

Besides that, these are the stats of my vegan food challenge so far:

1. Tried vegan Thuringia Bratwurst – tasty, but a bit dry.

2. Tried vegan chorizo and salami – different taste, but delicious though. I guess, I can keep eating that.

3. Tried vegan fresh cheese – not my thing at all. ;-)

4. Cheated only once last week – with Häckerle (a fish salad out of herrings, onions, pickled cucumbers and sweet apples), actually one of my favorite fish food. We’ll see, if I can replace that one. ;-)

PS: I also cooked vegan rice filled savoy rolls and a vegan green beans soup so far.


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