on neighborhood walks #6 – nightlights


In any case you are wondering… Yes, that’s the picture from Monday’s Where-have-I-been-post. Still a bit blurry, I know, but so it was. A warm, sometimes rainy late summer night. Blurry. ;-)

Well, I have been really fascinated by these lights for a long time, so I finally needed to picture them. But wait, this neighborhood walk starts here.


So this is the beginning of my walk…


…the Elstermühlgraben (mill race) and Funkenburgbrücke (bridge). Look at this red. I just love it!


Well, let’s continue the walk towards the city centre…


…not taking this hot bike, ’cause we’re walking. ;-)


While experimenting with the camera, I spotted some really huge spiders, eeks. ;-) Actually, it was a family: a big one with a big web, then a smaller one with a medium size web and then a really tiny one right about spinning it’s home.


With focus on the lights again I went downstairs…


…to get another kinda amazing, but still a bit creepy view.


But in some way it is also pretty cool, isn’t it? You don’t know what’s behind the curve, but this light… It’s really catchy. A few minutes later I went up again…


…to take some busy night life pictures…


…and one of my (for architectural reasons) beloved Blechbüchse (tin, yes, I am talking about that building). ;-)


Walking back home, I discovered some well-done street art. I don’t know if that is a new one, but I haven’t seen it before. Maybe it is the more visible at night, when everything around is covered in darkness and only a certain light brings the green panties to shine. ;-)

PS: Some other walks of mine are here to see.

2 thoughts on “on neighborhood walks #6 – nightlights

  1. Musste das sein? Jetzt hab ich wieder den ganzen Tag das Wort “lichtstark” im Kopf und komme in Versuchung, Geld für eine DSLR oder ähnliches auszugeben. Ganz toll. *entrüstetguck* ;-)

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