walking westwards (again) – lindenau harbor


For those of you who might have been waiting for this post (as the answer to my question from last Monday) – I am sorry. But last Friday was Friday the 13th (what actually means luck to me), so I was thinking to leave the desk for a day off and the possibility to find some lucky things. Which I didn’t, when I went on this walk around the Lindenau (new) harbor in LE’s West (what was the correct answer given on my Facebook page) a few days ago.  

Yeap, this is supposed to be the new place to be for anyone who likes sailing or paddling or canoeing or maybe living on a boat. In my case, I have heard of some parties going on there, so that was my motivation for this walk: find the party place.

For this project I was thinking to follow some instructions I found on the net, that seemed pretty easy to follow. But they weren’t.


I think, I walked every possible way there. Crossing building sites. Crossing dead railroad tracks.


Crossing actual streets.


Getting stunning motifs…


…and views.


Occasionally, I spotted some people. A few were sitting on loading areas, some more were fishing in the river, really standing in it, ’cause the water level was really low.


But I didn’t find any party location. So I guess, it’s a kinda pop up one, no constant club or something like that.

However, the walk was a nice one. I have seen really cool buildings, lots of nature and a few people and was surprised by all the things and places my hometown has to offer I have never seen or visited before.

But the next time a party is going on there, I would love to join (do you hear me, party people of LE?)!

Well, there is another thing I have in mind for discovering in LEs West, but afterwards I am looking forward to explore the North, East and South as well. ;-)

PS: There I have been lately.


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