dds – what’s that?


Yeap, that’s a reasonable question.

Well, I was thinking, since my eating-vegan-once-a-week-challenge goes really well, I must be good at challenges. So why not adding another one to my (actually not so) boring life?!

So I created my DDS-challenge. DDS is short for Digital-Detox-Sunday. Anyone thinking, yeah, sure, of course, first vegan food, now that, I wonder when she’ll be moving to the woods… Nope, it’s not like that, even if I would love to. ;-)

Actually, I was thinking lately, how much time I spend using my phone, my computer (or the other one or the pad or the third one), the internet, social networks and stuff like that and if that really makes me happy. Of course, I love keeping long distance relationships and being informed all the time. But what would I miss if there was one single silent day a week? Mostly I was thinking, what would I do with all the time not reading stuff online, not checking messages, not scrolling trough websites?

So, the first thing I did when I woke up, I read in bed that comic above I bought a few weeks ago. I read the whole book. For that it was pretty cool not to be interrupted. I guess, that was the first time in my whole life I started and finished a book within 24 hours.

Then I had breakfast. Usually, we do listen to CDs or mp3s. But since it was DDS, we chose to listen to vinyl. Real vinyl. Which was good, ’cause we do have tons of good records getting dusty in the shelf.

Later on, I went for a walk. I voted (which I would have done anyway). Back home, I felt like reading the newspaper, which was for free in my mailbox. It is one, I never ever would buy and after reading it, I was reminded why. ;-) Yet, that was no wasting of time, ’cause I was in company with my dear one, having a nice cup of coffee and chat while sitting on my new bench.

So, all of that activities I use to do in complete silence. So nothing new so far. But what to do next? I decided to cook (vegan of course, you’ll see later this week). And that was the first part of the challenge, because actually, I do listen to music or podcasts while cooking. Sometimes I also like to watch some TV shows. Since we don’t have a real TV or radio and use to stream all this, there was no chance to have this entertainment while cooking. So I did it in complete silence. Which was a bit lonely, but good.

I spent the afternoon reading more (starting a new book), improving my drawing skills and chasing and playing with the cat. I also took a nap and had a massage. Nothing bad about that at all and so far.

And then the evening came. As I mentioned, it was voting day. And I am very curious. So I really wanted to know which party did win. Also, it is so nice to watch a movie in the evening or an episode of your favorite TV show. So at this point, it was a real challenge.

But then, I came up with the idea to play something. So we played cards. I lost (again), but hey, I won my challenge, so I am looking forward to this week’s DDS. ;-)

Do you also have a certain time away from anything digital and what do you do then (besides daily duties)?

PS: I am having a good man, ’cause he is all in. He is a technique lover and likes to be creative using the computer, so joining this DDS really means a lot. So instead of following his fav hobby, he played to piano once again after a very long time! Isn’t that great? :-)

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