vegan food challenge – 5th dish: potato spinach casserole


I know, I promised some vegan dessert. I really tried to make one, but when friends come to visit with cake, what can I say? ;-)

So let’s postpone the vegan dessert to next week and see what real food I made.

Since I had vegan sour cream in my fridge, I was thinking to make a casserole again. This time it was out of potatoes and fresh spinach. Some shallots, veggie stock, salt and pepper to taste. That’s it. The vegan sour cream really was delicious, I can highly recommend that. And since I like red cabbage salad, but never made it by myself, I was thinking to add some color. ;-)


In case you are thinking, why the same picture twice – hah! ;-) This is the veggie alternative with olive gouda on it. Already melted.

So these are my vegan stats so for: Replaced real salami, real wiener and sour cream. Lost some weight. Resisted to order real meat from the organic farm I usually buy. It already was in my cart and then I deleted it. That actually was kinda hard, ’cause fall is already pretty cold here (at least for me), what means I am starting to crave certain food to get ready for winter. ;-)

3 thoughts on “vegan food challenge – 5th dish: potato spinach casserole

  1. you could try root vegetables and mushrooms and garlic for fall :D they mimic meatiness quite well, and their warming goodness will keep you a little bit safer from the cold!

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