another dds – outside with a kite


Since I really liked my first Sunday without using anything digital, I was thinking to keep that challenge as long as possible, maybe until it’s a tradition. ;-)

So I started and ended the day with reading. In between I did some gardening on my balcony (or is it then called balconing? ;-))…


…and prepared a delicious lunch along with the help of my very dear one. We had mashed sweet potatoes with mushrooms in a vegan parsley creme sauce.

Later on, we went outside, ’cause summer was back yesterday. It was really windy, so I was thinking to try out my new kite. But when we arrived at our fav place Rosental, I really was overwhelmed. I haven’t seen sooo many people there, not even on hot summer days. It was like a kite festival. I am not exaggerating when I say, that there were about 100 kites up in the sky. I felt like I needed to make a reservation for my spot. But it also felt really amazing and exciting.


But I first did some drawing. Yeap, I started drawing again, what kinda was on my bucket list for this year as I mentioned before here and there. I also was encouraged by Natasha from graphiquefantastique – so thank you again for that! I already did some sketches, that surprisingly turned out pretty good so far, that I am going to share a bit later on this week. ;-)


And then… Wohoo! ;-) That was a lot of fun and is definitely going to be my new hobby. If you think, hah, what a sweet little kite – wait: I joined Ashild’s challenge (yeah, challenging is another new hobby, I know ;-))! And when I am done with that, I am going to be so strong, that I will be able to hold a power kite. ;-)


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