groove! – dj soulambassador’s new radio show


You might have mentioned, that I like different styles of music. So besides all the electronica and noisy tunes I am listening to, I have a long history (that actually started in my teenage days) of loving anything groovy like funk, soul and even sometimes pop music. 

So I was very excited when I heard that DJ Soulambassador (the one and only good DJ in this section I know) is starting a radio show on Radio Alex (88.4 MHz) this Sunday at 6 pm. And as I figured out, he’s also going to play some HipHop, Jazz and 80s.

So this might be a nice Sunday afternoon ritual for the upcoming cold season: listening to some groovy sounds while enjoying hot drinks and tons of sweets. ;-)

PS: 88vier is local in Berlin and Potsdam, but you can stream it also, if you live elsewhere on this planet. ;-)


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