re-start: drawing, painting, doodling, sketching


I did it! Yeap! As I told you, I re-started drawing. And this is one of the pictures I draw lately. I am pretty excited about it. And even my strictest critic (my dad, an educated water-color and porcelain painter, that also worked as a screen printer) liked it (what makes me really proud). ;-)

In fact, going back to drawing was a wish I had for a very long time. I did nothing but drawing when I was a kid. When I became a teenager, I moved away from the desk to meet friends outside. Later on, I draw occasionally and gave the pictures away for birthdays. But besides multiple jobs and studies I didn’t find the time to draw.

Now I am just doing it (and also my DDS gives me some extra time). Each picture took less than an hour, which is something I can do at least once a week. Plus, I really like the “side effects”. It calms me down after a stressful day/week, and using color really makes me happy. The pictures are not perfect, but I don’t care about that (which is strange but great, ’cause actually I am a perfectionist). I am just excited that I still can do it. I have experiences in making pencil sketches, watercolor painting, oil painting, charcoal drawing. Right now, I am using simple felt-tip pens and I am kind of happy about my style, even if I am not sure if I will keep it that way. So I guess, I am about exploring an old skill in a new way. 

PS: You can see me drawing here. ;-)

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