about cooking in general #6 – grow your own


Some people say, I have a green thumb. Well, I have around 20 different plants in my apartment, some of them are older than me, but I really cannot take care of any herbs. Since having a balcony now, I was thinking to give it another try and create a real herbal garden. And I tried really hard. I bought seeds from parsley, basil, chervil, chives and eatable plants as well like nasturtium, marigold and cornflower. All of them were organic seeds and I even bought organic potting soil. There also was enough sun and watering, but besides a little chervil nothing wanted to grow. So with that not-so-green thumb I wasn’t very optimistic about my little tomatoes.


All what I heard before about growing tomatoes was that it is hard. It is a lot of work and then you might end up with a handful fruits. Not more. But since I already had the seeds, I just gave that also a try. And unexpectedly they grow. More and more. So I needed to repot them in bigger boxes. And then, in late August, when anybody else already ate their home-grown tomatoes, I saw the first blossoms. And a week later the first tiny little green fruits. Two of them. Very hidden. I was so lucky, I just wanted these two little guys to grow a bit more and turn into lovely red. Just these two. I was already happy with big green plants on my balcony as some sort of doing my part in urban gardening. ;-)


And then these two turned yellow as they supposed to do. Plus, every morning I was surprised by more and more blossoms and growing fruits. Each day I counted ten more little tomatoes. At the end, I stopped counting them when I reached a hundred. Wow, what a big surprise! But summer was gone, we already had frost at night and I really needed to figure out what to do with all these little friends. I was so so proud, I couldn’t let them go. (Actually, I cannot let any plant go, I need to safe them, no matter what.) So one day, I moved them all from the balcony to the living room windows with more sun and heat. And that was a real tricky kind of moving, ’cause I didn’t want to break these fragile plants, that were bigger than me. I also needed to find a way to hold them up and so I created some support using some ribbon, the window handle and the knotting talent of my dear one. ;-) It won’t win a design award, but…


…one week later, I could harvest the first 23 tomatoes, yay! :-) And they were oh so delicious. Since then I am picking some each day, and we already made some delicious meals out of them (like we used them for this and also for that recipe). So I guess, at the end I am the one for bigger plan(t)s. ;-)

PS: You might also be interested in about cooking in general #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5. Regarding food I am challenging myself right now with cooking vegan (at least) once a week. So if you are interested in this kind of journey, check out #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6.

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