photography – the calmness of overexposed pictures


I am a visual person. When I look on blogs or social websites or even reading an online newspaper, I use to look on the pictures first. And if they are interesting, I read the message, article or post. Usually, I like deep colorful pictures. Or on the other and more artistically side, black and white images. But then, while looking through my own picture folders, I came across some really overexposed ones I took this year. And surprisingly, they really attracted my attention.


I am still figuring out, why I really like those. Sometimes I think, it might be the fine contours and lines.


Then I was thinking, it’s the calmness they bring, ’cause I need to stop for a while to really get what’s in this particular picture.


And then, today, I am thinking, it’s probably just because of all the brightness, ’cause it was raining all day long.

Well, who knows… ;-)

PS: These pictures are as they are, they are not edited.

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