vegan food – chili con carne


It has been awhile since my last food post. But don’t worry, I was eating a lot in between. ;-)

The last days it has been really cold here in LE, so hot and spicy dishes are pretty common in my kitchen. So yesterday I was thinking to make chili con carne for a little family gathering. The meat version for the others, the vegan version for me. And a bit more in case someone is brave and curious enough to try some tofu.

So it has anything and everything a good chili has – except the meat: corn, tomatoes, kidney beans, a carrot, red pepper, vegetable stock, salt, pepper, a tiny bit of sugar, garlic, tofu, a shallot, and chili of course. Since tofu needs a lot of aroma, I added some fresh rosemary. And guess what?! People liked it. :-)

Besides that, I can say, I am doing pretty fine with eating less meat. I replaced sausages completely. And I am not craving any of them. I tried little pieces of meat within the last month, but I guess I am over the hump, ’cause even it was well-prepared organic meat (which I really liked before), it didn’t taste yummy. So why eating it then?

PS: I started this cooking experience with a challenge called cooking-vegan-once-a-week-challenge. And I am up to some more ideas in this section. So stay tuned. ;-)


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