photography – the beauty of fog and lights


Fog actually is something, people don’t like. Except on the dance floor when it helps to disappear while making fancy moves. ;-) But yesterday I was convinced that fog actually is a really incredible phenomenon during winter.


In the afternoon, the weather changed from clear and sunny to grey and foggy. I wanted to only watch it from the inside of my warm and cozy apartment, but unfortunately I needed to leave the house for a very important appointment. Poor me, I know. ;-)


Thanks to poor transport links, I decided to walk home. And then I came across the Bundesverwaltungsgericht, a pretty awesome building anyhow, but the more stunning in fog and lights. It seemed like a soft veil was wrapped around it. I almost immediately forgot how cold it was and stood there watching and watching and watching.


Walking on I discovered illuminated trees. This is something I like a lot lately and it’s very common in textile design right now as well: dark filigree boughs on a light ground.

So what I have learned yesterday is, that I really don’t need the wonderland of a Christmas market. The fog, the lights, an impressive historic building and some bare trees are totally enough to make me feel enchanted. ;-)

So may this impression help you to withstand the cold winter weather.

PS: What I have eaten lately is here and what I listened to is there.



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