vegan food – rice pudding with pears


If you are reading my blog from the beginning, you’re probably wondering if you are having a flashback. No, you’re not. You’re right, I did post a rice pudding recipe before.

But this one is different. Since I am on a new challenge, as I mentioned before. Kinda. I was thinking to cook all of my very favorite meals in the vegan or at least vegetarian version. Every single meal I enjoy. So here we go with rice pudding. You cannot see it, but it’s made with soy milk. And this one has turned out really delicious, since soy milk has this special kinda sweet aroma that fits to rice, brown sugar and cinnamon perfectly. And if you like vanilla or chocolate (or strawberry – which I don’t), you can even use flavored soy milk. On top of the milk rice in the picture are again pears, ’cause they are great fruits in winter.

So this is a good cold dessert for summer days and a great warm main dish for winter evenings on the cozy couch after a walk in the cold foggy air. ;-)

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