foryoursoul – my cookings in 2013


Just in case you are hosting a New Year’s party and looking for a menu for New Year’s Eve, I was thinking to sum up the meals I cooked and posted on topa in 2013.

So first you’ll find salads, soups, main dishes, desserts and smoothies. Further more there are my few vegan dishes and if you are in a reading mood or looking for a change or plan regarding your own cooking in 2014, there are also my thoughts about cooking in general added. So have fun and tell me how my recipes turned out and feel free to ask me any questions!


Bread salad

Water melon salad


Carrot soup


Beet soup

Main dishes:

Cauli flower with rice

Couscous muffins

Typical German?

Salmon toasties

Milk rice

Noodle gratin


Potato wedges

Mashed sweet potatoes


Berry cake

Cheese cake

Mango cake

Rhubarb cake


Mustard eggs

Water melon and quark


Nectarine smoothie

Pink smoothie

Green smoothie

Orange smoothie

Vegan dishes:

Zucchini soup

Beans soup


Couscous and chard

Salad and fries

Rice pan

Spinach casserole

Savoy rolls

Rice pudding dessert

Chocolate dessert

And my thoughts on cooking in general:


Where to buy good ingredients

Five little helpers

About failing

Being lazy


See you tomorrow with my sum of my favorite places to eat in LEipzig! :-)


One thought on “foryoursoul – my cookings in 2013

  1. Thanks for the compliments . I’ll allow you to into my secret ,(don’t tell anyone ) I’ve been active for forty 5 years . in the future I’ll tell you a number of several|the various|the numerous} many disasters I actually have had ;+)

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