foryoursoul – my places to eat in 2013


You’d like to go out for having lunch or dinner around NYE but don’t know where? Here is the sum of my places to eat I checked out in 2013. It includes hip cafés, fancy restaurants, cool bistros and natural places to eat.

Fleischerei – mostly vegetarian (different from the name)

Beard Brothers – all sorts of hot dogs (also vegan ones)

Café Cantona – a long time favorite and in my opinion the best place for eating out (regarding food, prices, location and people)

Lübbert’s – a place for really fine dining

During extended walks I went there:

Café Tunichtgut – regional and/or organic food in a small but nice and upcoming neighborhood

Darboven Coffee Shop – a hidden lounge for coffee and snacks

Rice bar – a really nice place in the hip area of Plagwitz

Kafic – a stylish café and small concert location close to the famous HGB (Academy of Visual Arts)

Annalinde – eat it where it grows (only open from April to October)

After having a big meal, I really prefer to go for a walk. So if you would like to join, stay tuned, ’cause that sum of my walks I am going to post tomorrow. ;-)


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