where am i? – walking and time traveling in 2013


Walking doesn’t need to be boring. To prove that, here is my sum of the walks I did in 2013 (except the ones including eating out I posted yesterday). It includes (almost) pure nature and the opposite of it – building sites, hip areas, artist’s working places and a teeny tiny bit of traditional sights.

Rosental – where you can see giraffes walk and hear lions roar (it’s also in the pic above)

Clara Park – where most of the young people hang out during Summer

Inner Südvorstadt – a prior artist area close to the city centre

Spinnerei – LEipzig’s world-famous and oldest artist area

Tapetenwerk – another artist’s working area with nice galleries

Uni Riese (university giant) – that’s how I still call it and most LEipzigers do

Kulkwitzer See – the probably most stunning lake in and around LE for divers

Waldstraßenviertel – art nouveau between city centre and Plagwitz

Waldstraßenviertel – again in morning lights

Schönau – lot’s of nature right next to concrete buildings

Plagwitz – the hippest place on earth ;-)

LE at night – just catching some lights

Lindenau – the old harbor

Building sites – digging over the city

I am an 80’s girl. Not in that way, ’cause it is pretty hip right now, but because it reminds me of my childhood. So I am always very excited when I stumble upon something from that time. And in particular it means something from GDR times. So here is my little time traveling adventure as it fits well to the places where I have been. ;-)

Playing outside – still working, still fun

Stickers – the GDR version compared to a similar version from today ;-)

Favorite ice cream ever – look at these named spoons

KR 660 – my very first tape recorder, still playing 80s and 90s hits from tapes, yeah! ;-)

Egg nog – in a small waffle cup, so tasty

Malmäuse – dried up, of course, but still fun to look at

Besides walking and time traveling there are a lot of other things to do in LE. So I am going to sum up anything what I did in 2013 like visiting concerts and plays or watching movies tomorrow. It will also include my recommendations on music and books and my very own artistically moments. ;-)


4 thoughts on “where am i? – walking and time traveling in 2013

  1. Hehe, ich war sogar stolzer Besitzer eines KR650. Mit Zählwerk! Und mehrfarbigen Pegel-LEDs! ;-)
    War, denn leider lebt er nicht mehr. Those were the days.

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