right here, right now #13 – a sneak preview to 2014


Happy new year to everybody! I wish you all the best for 2014 and I am looking forward seeing you here on my blog every now and then. :-)

So these are some of the ideas I have for topa in 2014:

1. I am going to continue my vegan cooking challenge as I am going to cook my favorite meat dishes in the vegan version. For that I am still going to use regional and organic food on a budget. That’s gonna be on Mondays.

2. I am going to post something for your ears, eyes or mind on Tuesdays. This is going to include great books and remarkable movies like I did last year. But I definitely wanna go out and see more plays. So if there is something recommendable, you will find it here also. I was thinking to extend the section foryourmind and use it to write about some things that might be worth to think about. But foryourears, foryoureyes and foryourmind are still going to be mixed with my own artistically creations.

3. I am going to ask you where I have been on Wednesdays. This is the section that is probably most about LEipzig. First of all it will be about recommendations on nice restaurants and further more on wonderful or exciting places to visit. Still on a budget of course and still unconventional sightseeing. I guess, these might be the interesting posts for tourists and newcomers to this town (so go ahead, tell your friends! ;-)).

4. I am going to post my findings of the week on the web on Thursdays, ’cause many things from around the web and globe are so inspiring, that I would like to share those with you. This is a new one, that those of you following me on Facebook already know. So I am going to extend this to wordpress topa.

I hope you are curious. Well, I am! ;-)

PS: You can follow me on Facebook as well, if you like.

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