where have i been? #20 – eating in: sushi


I love cooking. But then there are times like cold, dark winter evenings when the fridge is empty, I was working late or I am just not in the mood for preparing something to eat. So then delivered food is pretty much appreciated, especially if it’s healthy and delicious. (So I am not always cooking healthy food and walking the town like I was pretending before.) ;-)

As I mentioned, these where-have-I-been-series have been a lot of fun, since I captured new territories of my hometown, ate the most delicious food and got into some really nice conversations. So I am going to continue these question posts. But there is going to be also a little change: Every month I’m going to pick a topic and the relevant locations thereto.

So January is about my favorite places to order good food. So here we go with my one and only place to order sushi in LE. It was the first sushi place that opened here, it’s located in the heart of the city and it is still pretty much recommendable. My all-time favorites are inari and tamago salmon cheese. If you order here you won’t have to wait too long to get your order delivered, you’ll get food that is always of high quality, and a very friendly staff, too.

And so I am asking you, LE folks, where have I been?* Feel free to comment below. I am going to answer this question next Wednesday (but I don’t have to if my close friends participate).

PS: *Of course this question is asked in a more virtual sense, ’cause obviously I didn’t leave the couch for that. ;-)


5 thoughts on “where have i been? #20 – eating in: sushi

  1. Wenn du “it was the first” und den “virtual sense” vertiefen willst: mach doch eine (nicht nur gastronomische) Serie zur jüngeren “Stadtgeschichte” draus.

    P.S. Wild geraten: Mr. Moto?

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