cooking vegan once a week #2 – soy milk pancakes with apples and pears


Pancakes have a long and troublesome history in my kitchen. It was my favorite childhood meal only prepared by my grandma. I later tried to cook them by myself – actually a pretty easy meal to make – but I failed many times.

But then I was given a recipe of vegan pancakes. Well, I am honest, I wasn’t sure if that would help, since there are no eggs in it. And eggs – I thought – are the stuff that keeps the batter together.

I was wrong. They turned out the very best pancakes I have ever made in my whole life! Really.

How to prepare: You’ll need for four pancakes 250 g of flour, 125 ml of soy milk, some vanilla sugar (I had none, so I used a vanilla bean and brown sugar), 50 ml mineral water. Put everything into a bowl, mix it. Heat a pan with some sunflower oil, put it on middle heat. Add the batter, bake it a few minutes from every side until it is light brown. For the filling chop one apple and one pear. Put them into a pot with some sunflower oil, a cup of water, a tiny bit of salt, a tea-spoon lemon juice and two tea-spoons brown sugar. Let it cook for a few minutes, prepare it as you want. Add some cinnamon for decor.

And here is the vegetarian version for those of you who want to try it hearty with cheese and veggies.


The batter is the same, the filling is made of tomatoes, parsley and gouda cheese marinated with salt, dark pepper, balsamico and olive oil. Bon appétit! ;-)

PS: Of course you can use vegan cheese as well to have a vegan hearty version.


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