jukebox #1 – end. the sounds of disaster


As some of you might know, I have been a djane for 13 years. And even if I am retired now, I still love my huge music collection that ranges from electronica to jazz, from pop music to industrial, from funk to ambient and so on.

Sometimes it’s a bit hard to decide to what music I like to listen to while working or reading or cleaning, so I started a little game. With my eyes closed and a chosen number I count through my collection. And then I do listen to what I have found. Sometimes I am very surprised, sometimes I cannot continue listening until the very end, ’cause it’s kinda disturbing and sometimes I revel in memories.

So “end. the sounds of disaster” was my last choice. And I really enjoyed it. Here is one song for you to get an image of what this album sounds like. It has a bit of western sounds mixed with some sampled vocals and a nice happy melody. ;-)

End is a breakcore and electronica act from New York City with various releases on different labels, like this one on Ipecac Recordings from 2004. Unfortunately, I haven’t found them on the web, so I guess End doesn’t exist anymore. In 2005 I have seen this act playing live in LE, the venue was the basement of a gallery right in the middle of the city, the party was quite illegal and the crowd rocked. End showed up in a dog costume, really crazy, ’cause it was melting hot in that place. Big time!

So, guys, it’s now up to you! Tell me a number in the comments below and I will choose some music from my collection for you, presented on the second Tuesday of February.

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