where have i been? #21 – eating in: wraps and red thai curry


Well, getting this delicious food was a bit of an adventure. I ordered it in the morning with a fixed time in the evening. I was very excited about it, since it was supposed to be my very first time eating Thai curry, ’cause actually I don’t like hot and spicy food that much. But new year, new risks, new fun, right? ;-)

Then it was delivered at the exact time. But I was handed out the wrong bag, which I mentioned a bit too late. So I called the place, and they promised me an exchange in about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, this took another round, ’cause all the orders had been mixed up and delivered wrong. So after an hour I got my food. Everything still fresh and good-looking, the soup still hot and delicious. No big deal.

So some of you might think, hmm, that sounds like a good reason not to order there. But here are my reasons why this place is still convincing:

They deliver on bikes (That’s why it took the poor guy so long, he drove from one end of the town to the other three times. In his defense I have to say he was new to this job and not from Germany.), which is a good thing regarding to environmental reasons. Besides that the food is very fresh and good, creative, partly organic and not expensive at all. Furthermore they use glasses for the soup and recyclable boxes. And again, the staff is pretty nice.

So here is what we ate: Red Thai curry, a wrap out of creme cheese, salad, mint and soy cutlets. The other wrap was filled with noodles, arugula, pesto, dried tomatoes, feta cheese and red onions.

Okay, LE folks, where have I been? Feel free to comment below. I am going to answer this question next Wednesday.

PS: Last week I ordered sushi at Mr. Moto, as forster answered right on WordPress and one of my dear friends on Facebook as well.

PPS: In January I am asking where I have been (in a virtual sense) to order good food here in LE. It’s a fun game where I welcome you to participate!


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