a drawing of sitting bull


As I wrote here, I am really into the life and culture of Native Americans, especially the Sioux people. So I was thinking to draw some attention to the Lakota people again with drawing a picture of their famous tribal chief Sitting Bull.

Well, first I was thinking, it might be a bit difficult and I might be not finishing it, since honestly I am not a patient person at all. But then it took me only two hours. Besides that I figured out I can only drew from big to small when I drew from a picture. So I started projecting the images onto the wall. As for this one, it turned out pretty good. Not perfect, since the head is a bit too small, but still good for a newbie, I think. ;-)

While drawing I was thinking a lot about all of the things the Lakota (and not only these people, it is something that concerns any Native American nation) people still have to go through. So I hope this post helps a bit to focus on and inform about these people and to expand the knowledge that they are still fighting for their rights. If you like to support them, please follow the Lakota People’s Law Project.

PS: I already drew another Native American, Sitting Bear.


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