where have i been? #22 – eating in: pizza, gnocchi and tiramisu


I have to admit something: I am not a pizza person.

I don’t know why, but I don’t like it that much. I don’t like the dry edge and also not the fact that everything is covered with oil like it is almost every time.

But my dear one and my friends like it a lot. So thanks to my friend Alex, who recommended a place where to order real good pizza that even I did enjoy to eat.

So last week I was thinking to check this place out a bit more. I ordered a Pizza Nizza with tomatoes and basil, black olives and mozzarella cheese. It was very tasty: a thin pizza with fresh and raw vegetables on top and not oily at all. Besides that there was gnocchi in basil pesto – great! And last but not least: homemade Tiramisu. How I loved that!

Again, I could pre-order the food in the morning and get it delivered at a fixed time. I really like that, ’cause I don’t need to sit and wait for it hungry then. The food was delivered on time. Not troublesome like last week (so no long and fun story this time, sorry). ;-) But as I was told by my friends, they always deliver really quick (in about 15 minutes), which is great. 

Like always here comes my question: Where have I been? Since this one is kind of tricky, as there are so many pizza places in town, I give a little hint: The name is the Italian word for love but without the e at the end and it is situated between the city centre and the south of LE.

PS: Hah, last week I ordered delicious wraps and red Thai curry at MySalat, as NO ONE of you figured out. Tricky, right? 

PPS: In January I am asking where I have been (in a virtual sense) to order good food here in LE. It’s a fun game where I welcome you to participate!


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