link time #3 – finds of the week that are worth to share


Oh man, IT’S FINALLY SNOWING. A bit more and I am off to take a walk through a snow-covered park, enjoy the silence of snowy streets with fewer cars and meet my friends for ice-skating outside. How I do love snow! Some of you might think I am crazy, but we have January and this has been no winter at all here in LE. Until now, yeah! Who wants to join? :-)

So here we go with some fresh and cool stuff that really gave me goose fleshes:

These Soup Sculptures by Seung Yul Oh look quite more tasty than the ones you can actually eat. I really appreciate the talent and precision that comes with such an installation.

I cannot stop listening to this songDo you know BanksWhat a voice!

I guess these Hand Sewn Portraits by David Catá is the most crazy art thing I have seen in awhile.  

And here are some good points to feel miserable as an artist. ;-)

Have a snow-fun weekend! ;-)

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