cooking vegan once a week #4 – rice & lecho


Here we go again with an easy-to-make vegan recipe: rice and Lecho.

Last year I figured out how to make ketchup. That was a fun experience, since I never thought about that and how it is prepared. Later on I found out how my favorite pasta sauce is made (it’s the one with sausage ragout – now vegan of course – if you wanna do me a favor). ;-) And then a few weeks ago and out of the sudden I finally realized why I love these sauces and also Lecho so much. It’s the sugar! Crazy, isn’t it! (And it’s also crazy how slow I am sometimes.) ;-)

After that it was easy for me to just prepare Lecho for another vegan dish. So in my recipe it’s basically sieved tomatoes, shallots, red pepper, some garlic, some vegetable stock, salt and pepper AND as much sugar as you like to taste. Super simple.

When I was young, we ate lots of Lecho, that came in handy glasses. I remember it with pork schnitzel or the more delicious one with well marinated Thüringer Rostbrätl. But forget that now, it’s a vegan challenge and the basmati rice was just perfect to replace the meat. Really. I am not just sayin’ that. :-)

PS: In January I prepared a vegan beet salad, vegan pancakes, and a vegan pea soup.

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