thoughts #1 – neighborhood animals


Well, this blog post was one of my first ideas to write about on this blog. And then it took me so long to finally get it done. ;-)

So this is about my not human friends, the animals. And it is also for a dear friend of mine who thinks that a child gets more from nature if it lives outside of a big city. That might be true, but…

I grew up in a big city and for about 14 years I used to spend part of my summer and winter holidays in a very small town in Thuringia at my grandparent’s in nearly complete nature. So I know both sides. But I have to say, that I actually had the more contact to “wild” animals here in the big city: I fed the birds in winter, I talked to mice and rats in my backyard and I took care of little kitties while feeding them fish I bought from my pocket-money. After school my best friend and I used to walk through the park, where we gave our leftover sandwiches to the ducks (sorry Mom and Dad!). Sometimes the carps in the pond got lucky as well. We brought cookies for the squirrels in the park and let them eat out of our hands. To sum it up, here is the variety of all the animals I spotted at home, right next to my door, in my backyard or a few steps away in the park nearby.


I really love all these little creatures that were good friends and a fun company. But guess what, I also have the few “wild” animals I saw in the countryside pictured. Really. I am not joking. ;-)


So in my very personal case I would say: Big city beats village. ;-)

I don’t want to say, that all the big city animals don’t exist in the countryside as well and I know there are a lot of pros and cons about this topic on wild animals in big cities. But just for educational reasons I would say, a kid growing up in a big city has more opportunities to get to know an animal (for several reasons). And I don’t mean a pet, a farm animal or some wildlife creatures in the zoo. ;-)

PS: Besides this blog post that was meant to be for your mind, I posted a hot drink for your soul, some great music for your ears (where you can still choose a number) and a drawing I made for your eyes in January.

PPS: Except the first picture all pictures are taken from Wikipedia. And regarding the first pic: No animal got harmed. She played with him a lot and then she let him free.


4 thoughts on “thoughts #1 – neighborhood animals

    1. It’s cool, isn’t it? I can not think about my life without pets or animals around. I would feel so lonely. Sometimes they are the best company one can have. In my opinion. ;-)

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