where have i been? #23 – eating in: arabic appetizers & sweets


For my last lazy evening on the couch with tasty delivered food I was thinking a lot where to order this time. It had to be new (to me), healthy, warm and inexpensive, too. Plus: I had a certain budget like all the other weeks before that was supposed to cover some sweets as well.

So then I did my research on the web and decided to try out an Arabic place in the hip hip west that had not a single feedback yet. A bit of an experiment. Plus, the delivery service had good and bad reviews, so I was a bit concerned if everything would just be fine or would I end up spending the night cooking for myself.

But no need to worry. Really recommendable.

I made my order the day before for a fix time. I really like that option a lot. It’s a plus actually. The food was delivered 15 minutes late. BUT there was black ice and so I didn’t blame the delivery guy. The food was great, fresh and too much for two, actually. 

What we ate: Patata Mhamara (fried potato slices with coriander), Hummus, Mthabale (yogurt with grilled zucchini, mint, and garlic), Halloumi Pita and Baklava (different sweets and cookies). And Ayran, of course.

So do you know where I have been? It’s again a tricky one, but possible.

PS: Last week I ordered the best Pizza, Gnocchi and Tiramisu in town at … tataaa … Amor (without the e, that’s important). The week before I had delicious wraps and red Thai curry from MySalat, and the week before the week before it was Sushi from Mr. Moto. I assume you either don’t like delivered food and prefer to cook for yourself OR get your food from the big franchise places, since my last two questions had not been answered. (OR you’re not reading my blog, but that’s impossible.) ;-) So I hope I could help out a bit with my recommendations if you are looking for something different at a lazy couchmovienight. 

PPS: In January I am asking where I have been (in a virtual sense) to order good food here in LE. It’s a fun game where I welcome you to participate!

PPPS: For February I was thinking to leave the house again for food. So stay tuned for my recommendations on… Pssst. ;-)


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