cooking vegan once a week #5 – soljanka


Otherwise than all the previous cooking vegan once a week posts, where I wanted to try out the vegan version of my former favorite meat dishes, Soljanka never was one of my favorites. I actually was kind of picky when it was served, ’cause I was told it was made out of old sausages or the residues of meat. And if you think about the quality of conventional meat right now in Germany, you really don’t wanna know about the quality of its residues. Yuck!

And then I got the chance to try a vegan version a few years ago at a friend’s place when they were hosting their yearly table tennis competition. And that one was so super delicious! Every time I was there I needed to go back to the buffet over and over again to eat a various amount of bowls (Wait a minute… Eating so much of it might be the reason why I lost again and again. But who cares now… ;-))!

So a few days ago I was thinking to make it for myself. The picture unfortunately is not as good enough to show you all the great ingredients I used, so here we go: shallots, pickled cucumbers, red pepper (the fruit and the herb), tomatoes, potatoes, parsley, carrots, tomato paste, veggie stock, salt, pepper, a bit garlic, a bit chili and lemons to taste. The vegan sausages I used were vegan Wiener, vegan Salami and vegan Fleischwurst. That’s for the vegan post.

The traditional version is served with sour creme. I tried it with yogurt, which was quite the same.

Vegan Soljanka – healthy, tasty and now one of my favorite winter soups. If you try it, let me know! :-)

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