link time #5 – finds of the week


This picture is a search image. How many giraffes and guinea pigs do you count? ;-)

Ok, just kidding.

After answering some questions from Jörg, I was thinking a bit more about sea weed as a food and came across this super easy and fun recipe: green mashed potatoes. So why not simply adding powdered sea weed instead of adding food coloring?!

I am very much into funk music right now. So Groove! Radio Show of DJ Soulambassador is one of my favorites lately. He picks a great variety of old and new really fantastic sounds and also tells some interesting facts behind.

Look at these paintings by Zaria Forman, I really wish I could paint like that some day! Still trying… ;-)

I got the book Bird Brains: The Intelligence of Crows, Ravens, Magpies, and Jays by Candace Sherk Savage for my birthday and I am really excited to read it, because there is a couple of magpies in my backyard that laughs at me every time I go outside to take a picture of it (and then it takes off without getting pictured of course). And besides that I am studying the ravens and crows in my neighborhood for quite a while. So I am very curious to learn more about their brains.

Have a groovy weekend! ;-)


Picture credits: FERVENT DOTS

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