cooking vegan once a week #6 – bratwurst, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes


I never was a Bratwurst fan. But when I was a child and visiting my grandparents in a small town in Thuringia, there was this butcher, that made the one and only Bratwurst I ate. Only this version of Bratwurst was the real Thuringia Bratwurst for me – not the cheap ones they sell everywhere labeled original. The butcher was a family company since the late 19th century and the meat only came from regional farmers.

Unfortunately, after my grandparents died I only got there a few times. But over the years my Dad became some sort of delivery guy. Every time he went to this place on vacation, I asked him to bring some packs of fresh sausages. And then I saved them in the fridge and ate them on special occasions, because the taste was so unique and they were so very hard to get. So only these ones combined with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes made one of my favorite meat dishes.

BUT this post is about vegan food. And so – very easy actually – I created the vegan version. There were two different sausages supposed to be a substitute for my real Thuringians, but unfortunately they weren’t. The taste was good, but not the same. Of course not.

At least I maybe saved one little piggy. ;-)

After all this meal is easy to make. The sausages just need to get fried in a pan, the Sauerkraut just needs to get heated in a pot and only the mashed potatoes are homemade – with soy milk and without butter, but with salt and nutmeg. Enjoy!

Picture credits: FERVENT DOTS


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