jukebox #2 – eurythmics. greatest hits & refused. the shape of punk to come


Long awaited here we go with some music again.

The first number was 747. According to my collection that meant for me listen to Refused‘s The Shape of Punk to Come from 1998.

Well… I actually don’t know how this CD came to my collection. It might be my man’s one. It sure is, ’cause after listening to that I know why I refused ;-) putting it into my player before. It’s not punk, it’s… evil! See why:

Okay, it’s punk/hardcore. Refused were a band from Sweden from 1992 until 2012. And actually, it was fun to listen to it. I even can name a favorite song on this album, it’s the last one called The Apollo Programme Was a Hoax, what kinda was the quietest one. ;-)

So a big thank you to Maria who named another number (321) with what I got to listen to Eurythmics‘ Greatest Hits. My album! ;-) I bought it 1991 to give it to a very special person. And I used to listen to it over and over again by myself. I just loved Annie Lennox. I still know all of the lyrics and – of course – can name a favorite song: Sweet Dreams (I am so mainstream, I know!). But isn’t it a great song? So here it is for you, Maria:

Eurythmics were formed in the early 80s by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. In fact, this band did not exist anymore when I bought this album. But they reunited for another album in the late 1990s and again a few days ago for a Beatles’ tribute.

It’s been a pleasure to go through my collection and play some of the music I didn’t even know I have and to some good old sounds as well. Plus, it is always nice to get an update on some artists. So please, guys, tell me a number in the comment section below again and let’s see what I have got. It will be presented on the second Tuesday of March.

PS: Here is what I did listen to in January.


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