cooking vegan once a week #7 – crashed cabbage roulades and potatoes


Yes, you are absolutely right! There is no roulade in this picture. And I have to admit, I didn’t make any roulades. Like I didn’t use any meat. ;-)

BUT, the taste is just the same. Even better. Really. I promise.

When I was a kid we ate cabbage roulades filled with meat quite often. And I liked it. But what I liked about it was the slightly burned cabbage in combination with a hearty sauce, and so I always gave the meat to my parents after softly unwrapping the cabbage. So this was one of my favorite meat dishes and now of course I wanted to find a vegan substitute.

First I was thinking to make roulades. But without using eggs to keep everything together, I wasn’t sure if it would turn out that good. And so I remembered how cabbage roulades looked on my plate anyway back in my childhood days and that exactly was the way this recipe was born. ;-)

So, you will need tofu, one tomato, cabbage, a carrot, veggie stock, salt and pepper, and a bit of tomato paste. Some paprika and rosemary to taste as well. Put all the veggies and the tofu in a pan and saute it. After a few minutes add as much water as you will need to cover the veggies. Add all the herbs and veggie stock and let everything cook until half of the water is gone. And then add my secret ingredient: mustard. Yeap. Mustard does all the good work. And then let it cook another few minutes and that’s it.

You can eat it just like that or prepare some side dishes. I made cooked potatoes like the original dish is prepared.

Aren’t there carrots on top of everything? Yes, you’re right. I have to say, this meal is not a good-looking one at all, even if the taste is fantastic. So I was thinking to add some grated carrots for some colorful spots. And vitamines.

PS: Last week I made Bratwurst and the week before Soljanka. All vegan, of course. ;-)


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