drawings – i may have find a style


I am very happy that I managed to sketch a bit now and then but at least once a week. I started last summer and then coincidentally I made a short sketch to pimp the wrapping of a gift. And that single drawing surprisingly turned out pretty good, so I decided to sketch a bit more: christmas greeting cards, birthday cards etc.

In my eyes it looks very simple, something anybody could do, but on the other side it also makes me very happy when I look at it. So besides the light/shadow drawing I like to do, I may have gotten into some very clean and clear style also. I guess it’s called naive art. Or is it comic art? Combined with a bit surrealism (The little sportsmen and women were real, the table was fake.)? ;-) I don’t know.

Besides that I figured out that I like to draw in shades of grey and maybe using a bit red. Or blue. Or green. But not all at once. Actually, I prefer the monochrome paintings the most right now.

So what do you think?

PS: My drawing of Sitting Bear.

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