where have i been? #26 – tea time with holmes and marple


I think, romance is a very personal thing that can be defined and lived in very different ways. So this place has none of these little design things that I loved about the places I wrote about before. This place is just typical british. But since I am a very big fan of all the Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple stories since my early childhood (well, since I can read), this place is just perfect for me when I like to dive imaginary into these detective novels again.

It’s been a while since I was there, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I had some berry flavored tea, of course, and hearty savouries and scones. I very much enjoyed sitting in one of those typical beautiful dark green leather chairs, looking at the fireplace, remembering my last stay in London, that unfortunately is too long ago. Then I went through this huge collection of great books right next to my table and thought, I really need to come back again sometime soon.

Which is on my agenda for this year’s spring! Definitely.

But maybe you have been there not so long ago and would like to tell where I have been?

PS: If you would like to have the sweetest sweets like I did last week, go to La Chocolaterie.

Picture credits: FERVENT DOTS

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