thoughts #2 – the similarity of big cities


What happened to the big cities? Is it just me or do all the big cities look similar meanwhile? I mean, if I wouldn’t know it, I almost couldn’t tell which city I was in, when someone would just put me there: Berlin, Leipzig, Paris… I could only tell the difference by looking at the landmarks like the Berlin TV Tower, the Monument to the Battle of the Nations or The Eiffel Tower. But I couldn’t tell it by just looking around and exploring specific cafés, shops or galleries. 

I mean, I love all the little bars, famous museums and underground clubs. Any of it. But they have become all similar or are quite the same these days.

What kind of makes me sad. It feels like I have seen it all.

But I don’t want to. I love to travel and to explore.

So what is the next step? I never was a fan of conventional sightseeing. I always wanted to go with the flow and see what I can discover this way. Never thought about anything I could miss. I loved that, but it doesn’t work that way anymore. So do I have to become a normal tourist and open my mind to the historical stuff?

I guess, I don’t want to. I prefer doing things like a local while being on vacation. 

Maybe I have to change destinations. Go to Asia or Africa. Haven’t been there yet.

Or switch to nature activities and sports. No urban but rural adventures. That could be fun.

Or I remain silent and wait patiently until there is the next extraordinary thing happen in a big city. Like being totally traffic-free. Or like having a huge forest planted after pulling down new and stylish buildings. Or like offering enormous and affordable areas to live and work for artists. Or like giving younger children the right to vote and considering their ideas in everyday life. Or having people getting poked from behind by a cosmonaut.

Well, that could be interesting. ;-)

PS: In January I wrote about wild animals in big cities.

Picture credits: FERVENT DOTS


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