where have i been? #27 – the one and only place to dream myself away


Wait, I know what you are thinking! You are probably really upset now, ’cause I am posting THIS place. Where could there possibly be any romance?

Okay, I tell you how it works for me.

When I go there I first recognize this very unique coffee smell. It’s so aromatic and nice, I just could inhale it on and on. Then I decide what to take. The first years I always took the same: cheese cake and white chocolate mocha. With whipped cream on top, of course (You already know by now that I am addicted to sugar, so what the h…). And then I switched to a new ritual: vanilla latte and marble cake. Or lemon cake.


And sometimes I go for hearty stuff like tomato mozzarella focaccia.

Yeap, that has not so much to do with romance. Not yet. But there is another thing I really enjoy there: it’s the music. Almost every time I’ve been there they played jazz. Classic jazz music. Which I love. (Now we are getting closer to romance.) ;-)

And then I am sitting there with my love, enjoying jazz music, tons of sugar and tasty food and drinks. And then we like to remember all the places far away where we both travelled to and used to visit this exact coffee shop for breakfast. And then I am feeling wanderlust. Very much.

And sometimes, we’re taking the coffee and cake to go, holding it in one hand and our suitcases in the other one, going straight forward to the next train station or gateway of our journey to someplace new or someplace well-known.

Now isn’t that romantic? ;-)

So do you feel the same when you visit this place called… ?

PS: Last week I had tea at The English Room. And the first week of Feb I have been at Marshall’s Mum and the second week I went to La Chocolaterie.

PPS: I don’t know exactly where I will end up in March right now, but I am sure it’s gonna be another cool destinations.

Picture credits: FERVENT DOTS


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