link time #8: finds of the week


What do you think when looking at this picture?

Isn’t it nice?

It shows LEipzig how I actually love it.

LEipzig is not just all about the stylish malls, the oh so spectacular city tunnel, and the glamorous bars and restaurants. LEipzig is old, dilapidated and imperfect, what means this city is real, authentic, and a diversified place to live.

So this post is all about LEipzig. LEipzig for your soul, for your ears, for your eyes and for your mind. Have fun!

First there is a Leipzig-invented delicacy, that’s probably older than the house in the picture above.

Check this out to see how many cool, great and fun musicians and bands work in LEipzig!

I love these documentaries about the old and almost forgotten places of LEipzig.

And this site really is fun! Go and see the new touristy places and enjoy!

Have an inspiring LEipzig weekend! ;-)

5 thoughts on “link time #8: finds of the week

    1. You’re welcome! :-) It’s really a wonderful city with so many places to go – for adventures and relaxation as well. You’ll love it. :-)

    1. Thank you! LE is a wonderful city, you’ll like it for sure. If there are any places for food you are interested in (e.g. Asian food or traditional German cuisine) send me a message. I would love to give some recommendations! :-)

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