cooking vegan once a week #9 – pasta arugula


This meal happened randomly. A friend came over spontaneously and I haven’t had enough food to prepare a proper dinner for three. Except noodles and arugula. And some sieved tomatoes (as usual like you’ve probably mentioned reading my food posts regularly). ;-)

I actually used to eat pasta arugula in a slightly different way. Then it was with tons of olive oil instead of tomato sauce and with shrimps.

But there are no shrimps in topa’s fridge anymore. So my meat loving friend needed to eat some vegan food and she liked it. Pasta arugula is really hearty because of the arugula’s spiciness. So you actually don’t need any meat to round off the pasta. 

How to prepare it? It’s easy! Cook the noodles, cut a shallot, put it into a pan with olive oil, add some sieved tomatoes, add the cooked noodles, add some salt and pepper and right before you put it on the plate add as much arugula as you want. Stir it once and that’s it. Ready to serve.

PS: You can also add veggie stock, garlic, tomato-paste, chili to get more flavor. And grated cheese on top for the vegetarian version. That’s also very tasty.

Picture credits: FERVENT DOTS


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